Where will your travels take you this year? On a sun-soaked boat cruise through Asia? For an unforgettable campervan adventure? To a luxury hotel in a serene corner of European city? Or to a chic cabin in the Dolomites for a feast of pizza and wine? 
There is plenty of choice!

I am still not quite sure about my holiday plans for 2020. Since I travelled a lot last year, I decided to create a list of my favourite places. I hope it will inspire you to visit these destinations in 2020. And if you already have travel plans lined up for this year, share your vacation destination picks with me! ;)

The Maldives has been on my bucket list for some time. In September last year I finally got to visit the island destinations for a week and it was absolutely amazing. We stayed at beautiful resorts enjoying pristine blue waters, white sand beaches, exciting water sports and underwater world. Maldives has a lot to offer to its visitors, as both, a romantic destination and a place filled with lots of adventure and fun. You should definitely add this place to your bucket list! 

2. Dolomites

There’s no denying that the Italian Dolomite Mountains are absolutely stunning. And given the distance from Poland, I still wonder why I didn’t go there before! 

Nothing beats a Dolomites road trip (have a look on your campervan stories) – whizzing past sprawling meadows dotted with quaint alpine villages, winding higher up a mountain pass to find one impossibly beautiful “vista” after another and impressive peaks tower overhead.

P.S. If you’re a photographer who loves chasing the soft morning light, Alpe di Siusi is just the perfect place! 

3. Komodo Island

Our boat trip around Komodo National Park changed my view of Indonesia altogether, reminding me there’s just so much beauty to be discovered and explored. Komodo dragons, colorful exotic corals, idyllic beaches, lush hills and much more!

Komodo Island is less touristy than Bali or Nusa Islands however it is getting more and more popular. Make sure to visit this place before it gets too crowded. 

4. East Java

East Java is a really unique place with the most breathtaking volcanic scenery. The main attractions are Mount  Bromo, Kawah Ijen spewing out its blue fire and molten sulphur for a sunrise show and incredible Tumpak Sewu waterfall. 

5. Skåne

I’ve got a travel bucket list made up of all the places I want to visit someday. Like most people who own such a list I’ve filled it with all the usual suspects, the kinds of places most travellers visit. Sweden wasn’t on there. What a mistake I’d made!

Sometimes you don’t realise what’s lacking in life until you find it. This is how I feel about Scandinavia – and Skåne, Sweden in particular. Relaxed slow attitude to life and not many tourists was something that made this trip so special. 

Skane is full of hidden gems, tasty food, organic farms, quaint boutiques, and a landscape made up of sweeping stretches of sand hugged by lush hills and large fields full of blooming flowers. Can’t wait to be back!

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