My  recent trip to Paris was truly wonderful. It always feels so great returning to familiar places. It was a trip full of emotions as I was overjoyed to be back yet slightly heartbroken to leave again after only a couple of days. 

I feel like every time I visit Paris I am at a different stage of life. The first time I came here with as a student in 2013. I had a lot of fun at Disneyland and I visited some of the most renowned museums because they were for free (how good is to under 25 hey?).

Second time, I visited Paris for a business trip in 2016 and I stayed over 2 weeks. I lived in the cutest apartment at Saint-Germain-des-Près and it felt like a Parisian dream. I had my morning routine of going to cute cafes and eating croissant/ pain au chocolate before taking metro to the office at La Défense. Good times!

This time I travelled with my partner and I believe that’s the best way to experience Paris, especially a few days before your wedding. They call it city of love for a reason :) 

Sometimes I wonder why I adore this place so much – it’s so busy, noisy, crowded, polluted but to me it still feels magical. I’m not sure if it is the tall shuttered buildings and grand parks, the most delicious pastries or the cliched romanticism that it just seems to exude, but it is one of those places that I would be happy to go back to over and over again. 

Below is a photo diary of a few of the photos we took whilst there. Scroll to the bottom for the recommendations for places to visit!

I listed some of my favourite locations I visited during my last trips to Paris. 

Eiffel Tower of course :)
Palais Royal
Louvre Museum
Jardin de Tuileries 
Seine River
Opera Garnier
Arc De Triomphe
Montmartre & Sacre Coeur
Pont Neuf
Moulin Rouge
Picasso Museum
Palace of Versailles
Rodin Museum
Clignancourt Flea market

Cafes and restaurants:
Café De flore
Les Deux Magots
Café de la Rotonde
La Bonaparte
La Fontaine de Belleville
La Palette
La Maison Rose
Le Consulat
Pink Mamma 
Au Vieux Paris

If you want to see my previous posts from Paris you can find them here or head to my Instagram and check out Paris 2022 highlights. 

I hope it encouraged you to add Paris to your bucket list! And if you've already been there, feel free to share your favourite spots in a comment section below :)

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